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The server now works locally! Anyone on the identical IP as yours can now join the server. So as to allow folks not on the same IP to connect,you'll have to port forward your server. To do that, google Whats my IP? on Google. Take the quantity it gives you, copy it, and paste it into the address bar. It will probably take you to your router's webpage where you can handle your router's settings. Enter the password to your router to continue. My router is a Linksys, you will wish to google around to seek out the steps along with your specific router. You'll want to seek out the Port Vary Forwarding section of your router, and enter in the next data. Persiancat's Blog Software Name: Minecraft serverBegin ~ End Port: 25565 - 25565Protocol: TCPSystem IP: ENTER Computer'S IP HereEnabled: TrueTo be able to get your pc's IP, hold down the windows key and press R. Within the box that pops up, type cmd. When the command prompt opens up, type ipconfig. Search for the road labeled as IPv4 Handle, and duplicate the IP handle there. Kind that number in for your Gadget IP above.