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New physics backend for cosmetics to supply new functionalities for future cosmetics. The VoiceChat addon obtained a new protocol that improves efficiency and security.LabyMod v3.9.19 2/11/22Improved Microsoft authentication of the account manager Fixed some crash issuesLabyMod v3.9.18 1/30/22Vital performance patch for 1.8.9Turned off extruded beauty textures by default to enhance fps in 1.8.9. Added a brand new setting to turn on extruded cosmetic textures.LabyMod v3.9.17 1/24/22Eliminated Discord RPC for Linux Fixed crash in AutoText menuLabyMod v3.9.Sixteen 1/20/22Added Xbox Sport Pass help for the account manager Disabled asynchronous texture loading by default Added an option to toggle asynchronous texture loading in Minecraft 1.8.9LabyMod v3.9.15 1/2/22Fastened name rendering event on Forge Fastened client crash when refreshing cosmeticsLabyMod v3.9.14 12/28/21Fixed more invisible cosmetics on beginLabyMod v3.9.13 12/28/21Fastened some invisible cosmetics on beginLabyMod v3.9.12 12/27/21Fastened extruded textures of cosmetics (This fixes the damaged Merchandise Halo)LabyMod v3.9.Eleven 12/24/21Mounted a really vital performance subject in 1.8.9, 1.12.2 and 1.16.5LabyMod v3.9.10 12/24/21Mounted a texture loading issue with person bound textures in 1.8.9 and 1.12.2 (This fixes your invisible NameTag)LabyMod v3.9.9 12/22/21Fixed a rendering subject for cosmetics hooked up to the armLabyMod v3.9.Eight 12/21/21Fixed invisible pets in 1.16.5LabyMod v3.9.7 12/20/21Disabled much more log4j features for safety (CVE-2021-45046)LabyMod v3.9.6 12/19/21Fastened invisible nametag names behind blocks Fixed the bug that the accounts within the account supervisor typically displayed invalid session though this was not trueLabyMod v3.9.5 12/10/21Fastened a important Minecraft multiplayer safety subject for Minecraft 1.8.9, Minecraft 1.12.2 and Minecraft 1.16.5)LabyMod v3.9.4 12/7/21Mounted beauty issues in first particular person when using left handLabyMod v3.9.Three 11/26/21Mounted bugs in LabyMod4 community protocolLabyMod v3.9.2 11/21/21Mounted beauty rendering issues for arms and legsLabyMod v3.9.1 11/15/21Fixed connection timeout challenge in LabyMod4 network backend compatibility layerLabyMod v3.9.0 11/12/21We have now recoded the entire account supervisor. It is now attainable to add and remove accounts ingame once more. All expired sessions which might be added are always renewed in the background to avoid unnecessary waiting instances when switching accounts.Also with this update we began to migrate our backend to LabyMod4.LabyMod v3.8.Seventy five 11/3/21General: - Fastened account credential loading of the brand new Minecraft Microsoft Store launcher - Added an indicator next to the account to see which launcher it was loaded from.LabyMod v3.8.74 11/2/21Basic: - Support for brand new Minecraft Microsoft Store launcherLabyMod v3.8.73 10/19/21Basic: - Added beauty attachment place for arms and legs - Added dynamic title tag peak for brand spanking new cosmeticsLabyMod v3.8.Seventy two 8/26/21Common: - Fixed a problem with the beauty animationsMinecraft 1.16: - Fastened an issue with the glowing effect of cosmeticsLabyMod v3.8.71 8/26/21Basic: - Fixed a problem with easy animations of new cosmeticsLabyMod v3.8.70 8/21/21Basic: - Improved efficiency of the beauty animationsLabyMod v3.8.Sixty nine 8/21/21Normal: - Added LABY.web profile button to player interaction menu, LabyMod Chat and identify historical past lookup - Changed Account Supervisor "Add" button with "Reload" to reload the accounts from the launcher - Fixed a difficulty with the Microsoft AuthenticationLabyMod v3.8.68 8/19/21Minecraft 1.16: - Mounted texture problems with some cosmeticsLabyMod v3.8.67 8/19/21Minecraft 1.16: - Fastened a glowing concernLabyMod v3.8.66 8/19/21Common: - Implemented glowing effect for the new cosmetics - Applied a feature to extrude textures for the new cosmeticsLabyMod v3.8.65 8/13/21Normal: - Fastened a bug that pets are invisibleLabyMod v3.8.Sixty four 8/13/21Common: - Mounted beauty rendering issueLabyMod v3.8.Sixty three 8/8/21Minecraft 1.8/1.12: - One other fix to keep away from the pink/lacking texture issueMinecraft 1.16: - Now every single cosmetic texture is loaded asynchronously - Fix sneaking animation for title tags and cloaksLabyMod v3.8.Sixty two 8/4/21Basic: - Extra enhancements to avoid the pink/lacking texture concernLabyMod v3.8.61 8/1/21General: - Some improvements to avoid the pink/missing texture issueLabyMod v3.8.60 7/31/21Minecraft 1.8: - Fastened an texture issue of the bandana beautyLabyMod v3.8.59 7/31/21Minecraft 1.8: - Fixed blurry cloak texturesLabyMod v3.8.Fifty eight 7/31/21Basic: - One other efficiency improvement! All beauty textures are now loaded asynchronously. If your computer does not assist this, only one texture per Minecraft tick will be loaded. - Textures are now not white so long as they aren't but loaded.LabyMod v3.8.57 7/31/21Minecraft 1.8: - Asynchronous texture loading has been temporarily disabled attributable to issuesLabyMod v3.8.56 7/31/21Basic: - Repair crashes on Home windows 32-bit.LabyMod v3.8.Fifty five 7/31/21Minecraft 1.16: - Repair crash within the Minecraft launcher when closing the sport.LabyMod v3.8.54 7/30/21Basic: - Efficiency improvement! All cosmetic textures at the moment are loaded asynchronously.LabyMod v3.8.53 7/21/21General: - Fixed a bug which may lead to crashes on 32-bit platformsLabyMod v3.8.Fifty two 7/19/21Normal: - It is feasible once more for Home windows users to log in to the Minecraft account at the account manager.LabyMod v3.8.51 7/18/21Minecraft 1.8: - Fastened one other colour challenge of the brand new cosmeticsLabyMod v3.8.50 7/16/21Normal: - Added encryption state to the Account Supervisor - Fastened a problem with the offset of the new cosmeticsMinecraft 1.8: - Fixed a coloration challenge of the brand new cosmeticsLabyMod v3.8.49 7/15/21Basic: - New cosmetics can now have a customized placeLabyMod v3.8.48 7/14/21Common: - New pets can now have customized colorsMinecraft 1.8: - Fastened points with coloured modelsLabyMod v3.8.Forty seven 7/13/21Basic: - New cosmetics can now be mirroredLabyMod v3.8.46 7/8/21Minecraft 1.16: - Fixed colour points of recent cosmeticsLabyMod v3.8.Forty five 7/7/21General: - Mounted physics of cosmeticsLabyMod v3.8.Forty four 7/5/21General: - Applied custom colours for the brand new cosmetics - Cosmetics can have multiple models nowLabyMod v3.8.43 7/4/21General: - Fixed unknown disconnects from LabyMod chatLabyMod v3.8.42 7/3/21Basic: - Modified the cloak texture ratio from 64:32 to 22:17LabyMod v3.8.41 7/1/21Basic: - Improved connection error handling of the LabyMod Chat - Added LABYnet settingsLabyMod v3.8.40 6/19/21Common: - Fastened addon and GUI hotkey - Added changeable textures for the scarf beautyLabyMod v3.8.39 6/10/21General: - Improved download speed of addons - It's now attainable to download addons in the backgroundLabyMod v3.8.38 6/10/21Minecraft 1.16: - Mounted rendering issues on FabulousLabyMod v3.8.37 6/10/21Basic: - Improved the person expertise of hotkey settings - Fixed rendering points when opening the sticker menuMinecraft 1.8/1.12 - Mounted crash when opening the sticker menuLabyMod v3.8.36 6/10/21Common: - Added Marker - Cosmetics can now change size in an animation - Added mouse buttons to LabyMod keybindings (e.g. VoiceChat push to talk on a mouse key) - Help for animated beauty texturesMinecraft 1.16: - Mounted crash when changing auto textual content key - Mounted cape particle position when crouching or carrying armorLabyMod v3.8.35 5/26/21Common: - Applied mouse repair for switching hotbar slot when utilizing mouse button four or 5 - Implemented mouse fix for swapping objects within the inventory when utilizing mouse button four or 5 - The AccountManager listing will now be refreshed whenever you open the display screen for it - Improved LabyMod Chat reconnect - Updated locales - Added a response message to the cinematic API - Eliminated tooltip delay of the screen APIMinecraft 1.16: - Carried out Starlight in Sodium (Very highly effective performance improvement) - Fastened digital camera tilting of the cinematic APILabyMod v3.8.34 5/20/21Minecraft 1.16: - Fastened issues with Discord Rich Presence on some computer systems - Fastened the enter key when adding one other account within the account supervisorLabyMod v3.8.33 5/11/21Minecraft 1.16: - Hover occasions in the second chat are now not mirrored - Fixed hover detection of non-rendered chat messages - Fixed some locales - Implemented textual content background opacity for chat - Mounted module editor shortcut - Fixed a bug that module profiles disappeared when pressing "No" in the confirmation display - Modified background opacity of the Minecraft chat - Mounted address module visibility - Fastened wrong hover calculation of the inventory display screen APILabyMod v3.8.32 5/9/21- Fastened a problem that Cosmetics, Emotes and Stickers weren't displayed sometimesLabyMod v3.8.31 5/9/21- Stock display screen structure now adjusts to the text lengthLabyMod v3.8.30 5/8/21Minecraft 1.16: - A number of crash problems have been fixed. - Fixed a difficulty the place the controls modified when switching from one Minecraft version to a different. Thinkofdeath General: - Improved screen APILabyMod v3.8.29 5/6/21Fastened a difficulty where the LabyMod chat displayed that pals have been playing on a server despite the fact that they have been already disconnected.LabyMod v3.8.28 5/4/21Minecraft 1.16: - Fastened lacking texture of rabbit and wolf tail cosmetic - Mounted crash when refreshing LabyMod- Mounted skin loading of the Minime cosmetic - Improved beauty animationsLabyMod v3.8.27 5/3/21- Fastened a bug that cosmetics disappeared when refreshing LabyMod - Improved the animation transition of cosmeticsLabyMod v3.8.26 5/1/21Minecraft 1.16: - Fastened a bug from OptiFine that players generally freeze for a short while. - The outdated sneak animation now additionally adjustments the precise eye top on servers by means of cooperation with the Intave AntiCheat.Common: - The Display screen API can now present bizarre chest inventories from the server with a nicer layout. - Mounted crash on begin and when refreshing LabyMod - Fixed settings-packet spam when using the emote wheel.LabyMod v3.8.25 4/26/21Basic: - Carried out a server API to create custom GUIs (https://docs.labymod.internet/pages/server/minecraft/display/)Minecraft 1.16: - Mounted rendering issues of the merchandise overlay - Mounted Boss-bar flickeringLabyMod v3.8.24 4/23/21- The boss bar is now only hidden when you've gotten the tablist open - The "Taking part in on..." message is now displayed againLabyMod v3.8.23 4/23/21Minecraft 1.16: - Eliminated "Closed Beta" title - PUBLIC Release!!!!!!