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The replacement of the Chieftain AVRE and AVLB systems by the Trojan Engineer Vehicle and the Titan Bridge Launcher means that the British Army has a common heavy armour fleet based on the Challenger 2 MBT chassis.Both vehicles are manufactured by the Alvis subsidiary of BAe Systems (Now BAe Global Combat Systems).These vehicles represent the first armoured engineer vehicles specifically designed (rather than adapted from battle tank chassis) for their role and incorporate the very latest mobility and survivability features, many of which are also planned for Challenger 2.Improved visibility is achieved by incorporating direct and indirect vision devices with low light, image intensifying and thermal imaging capabilities.The interior, and to some extent the exterior, of the vehicles have been designed around the crew station positions.A contract worth £250 million was awarded during early 2001 for the supply of 66 vehicles - 33 x Trojan and 33 x Titan. titan launcher for mc to the RE commenced in late 2006.