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Minetest is the free and open source voxel recreation engine, impressed originally by Minecraft it's progressively turning into larger and better with a number of obtainable games for it. A new launch is on the horizon with Minetest 5.4.0 now having a primary Release Candidate, a time the place they need as many people as probably to check it out and ensure all of it works properly.Again when Minetest 5.0 launched in 2019, they added an in-sport UI to download mods and video games. just another blog It worked and they improved it a bit each release however a ache level was the dependency system. One mod wanted another, needing another and so on. Finding them all was a trouble however perhaps not anymore. The 5.4 launch has a complete new UI circulate for downloading video games and mods, together with dependency resolution, an replace all capacity, and obtain queues.Simple and efficient, it works!It really does make it a huge amount simpler, and quicker too. Enabling you to get your Minetest experience exactly how you want it. Need to cram each doable mod you possibly can into the bottom Minetest game? Go for it. Wish to check out an entire conversion game? There's that too. Twitsoc This would possibly truly get me to play extra Minetest!Some more of what's new includes:- Enhance input binding, enable mouse bindings- Semi-transparent background for nametags- Mapgen Flat: Add caverns, disabled by default- ContentDB: Add overwrite dialog when content is already installed- A lot of modding enhancements- Security fixesSee extra on the Minetest website. just another blog Yow will discover the Minetest 5.4.0 RC1 announcement right here.