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Need a Minecraft server host with DDoS protection, a FREE MySQL Database, instant setup, Live Support, Dual SSDs and Enterprise grade hardware? Your Evolution Host Minecraft server is fully protected, powered and waiting for you. FELA'S BLOG Get an Evolution Host Minecraft server today.Instant setup Great support DDoS Protection Control Panel Sub-AccountsMySQL Database SSD Powered Multiple Locations No Lag PayPal acceptedTap an image to show more informationMinecraft is a massively popular sandbox style building and survival game produced by Mojang. FELA'S BLOG The online multiplayer mode allows players to visit each other's cities and farms while building their own. With a player base of over 22 Million, Minecraft has quickly become one of the more popular online games. With a vast modding community, server owners are given the opportunity to create their own unique Minecraft experience. Evolution Host Minecraft servers give communities exactly what they need in a Minecraft hosting environment including high capacity SSD storage and the latest high-end Intel & AMD CPUs with high capacity DDR4 ECC RAM for the best Minecraft hosting performance possible. Evolution Host's SSD Minecraft hosting is fit for any communities requirements, regardless of size or resource consumption.