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The latest update includes a new Clan Challenge, Spirit, measure for bot removal, bug fixes, gameplay improvement, and more content. Check out below the details for MIR4 patch notes for October 19 Update.Clan ChallengeThe new Clan Challenge will be added to this new patch. It can be accessed from Clan > Clan Info > Expedition tab. It becomes available by reaching level 3 in Expedition Technique of Clan Tech. Each subsequent stage level will be opened at levels 5/7/8 of Expedition Technique. A maximum of 50 players can join the Clan Challenge.In Clan Challenge, clan members will face 5 boss monsters in consecutive order to defeat them within 30 minutes.Clan members will be rewarded individual rewards for taking down each boss monster and stage-level completion rewards for beating all 5 boss monsters within 30 minutes.This content is scheduled every Sunday 00:00 - 23:59, based on Regional Server Times: Asia (UTC+8) / India (UTC+6) / Europe (UTC+2) / South America (UTC-3) / North America (UTC-4).Clan Features ImprovementLeader or elders with the "Finance" role in a clan occupying one of the Hidden Valleys will be able to distribute Darksteel directly to individual users kept in Hidden Valley and Bicheon Castle territory storage.Moreover, Clan Gold Donation will be adjusted to be accessible to users above level 40.New Spirit: Flame Hellborn BiyohoA new Fire Spirit named "Flame Hellborn Biyoho" will be available in this latest patch.Summoning Flame Hellborn Biyoho will give 20 PHYS DEF to the character. Her skills are as follows:- Shadow of Nightmare - Increases MP by 300, CRIT by 100, and CRIT ATK DMG by 20%. Game Servers - Bewitchment - Increases Hunting EXP by 15%, Item Drop Rate by 15%, and Skill MP Cost by 5%.- Burning Kiss - 10% chance to deal 100% of PHYS ATK and 100% of Spell ATK as damage to nearby enemies. (Cooldown 25 seconds)Product Update on the Steam PlatformSome of the products will be removed in the Steam version. Meanwhile, there are 7 products that will be added to the Steam version. 886lv These include:- Special Summon (Dragon's Scale/Dragon's Leather/Dragon's Horn/Spirit Stone/Skill Tome)- Ancient Coin Package III, Ancient Coin Package IVNew Measure for Bot RemovalTo prevent the widespread bot activities with the sole purpose of mining Darksteel in the game, MIR4 has set access requirements to Hidden Valleys.Here are the requirements for entering the Hidden Valleys.- Bicheon Valley (2 to 4F): Conquest - Holy Shrine Stage 3- Snake Valley (1 to 4F): Conquest - Portal Stage 6- Redmoon Valley (1 to 4F): Character Level 75Bug Fixes and Gameplay ImprovementsHere are the other highlights rolled out in this patch.- Users over level 40 will get access to a new Auto-Enchant system.- A feature to invite players to parties and raids will be added to the Chat system.- The issue where the 'Ticket is missing' message did not appear when attempting to join a Raid/Boss Raid while already in another party was fixed.- The issue with using active 'Evade' in a stationary posture was also resolved.- Enhancements were made to the in-game UI and tooltips. minecraft What can you say about this update? Just leave your comment below.