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You are looking for the best local SEO course. With so many different types of marketing online and off, how do you know which method will be best for your website? One way is to check out your competition. You can look at what they are doing, what they have done, and look at what they are focusing on. This will give you a good idea of what kind of tactics will work for your website as well as what methods they are using to rank well.The first thing you need to do is understand Google's algorithm. I can't go into great detail here since this would be a very large topic, but it's basically the rules that they use to rank web pages. Basically, there are two factors that need to be looked at: keyword relevancy and the amount of links back to that page. Keyword relevancy refers to how closely the page matches the keywords the visitor has used in researching a product or service. The number of links back to that page is called the master link.This is important because your search engine optimization strategy should include both on-page and off-page optimization. If you want to rank highly for a specific key phrase that describes your business, then you need to generate a lot of organic links from other websites that are relevant to the topic. On-page optimization is more focused and includes things like writing quality content, posting keyword rich articles, and creating engaging content that attracts your audience. Off-page SEO tactics include things like writing press releases, creating directories and blogs, submitting articles to article directories, and attending conferences where internet marketing strategies will be discussed.One SEO course that caught my attention was a 90 day pro called Social Media Magic. The entire first week was spent teaching the student how to use Google's tools such as the Google Places, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and Google Finance to track results and to learn about backlinks and social media marketing. After that, the student learned about Google's latest offering called Google+. This is a free offering that allows small businesses the ability to create an account with Google, add a small profile that makes them appear more professional, and accept PayPal and checks from their customers.The focus of this 90 day pro course was on backlinking and keyword research. Google's places page allows business owners to enter in the name of their city and list a URL for their company's website. When How to Find a Top Chicago SEO Company begin searching for something that is related to what the business owner has to offer, they will see the URL. Business owners have to pay for this listing. However, they don't have to pay every week, which makes it a great choice for people who have limited budgets and who don't want to pay for a regular SEO service.The next day, Matt recommended a product called Local Digital signage. Local Digital Signage provides business owners with a cost effective way to create digital screens located in key locations throughout their city. Since Google is associated with television, radio, and several other news media, they are trying to influence the public with their message through these mediums. Matt recommended this product as a resource for SEO.The next day, I decided to check out Local Digital Signage, since this seemed like an interesting product. Since Local Digital Signage only costs $30 per month, I thought it might be worth the investment. I signed up for a three-day course, which taught me how to create my first 10 backlinks, which gave me an upper hand in the rankings. I also received a link builder that I used to build my first five backlinks. Overall, Local Digital Signage was the best course rated on the 90 day pro course ranking.Since this was a backlinking strategy, it made sense to also do backlinking and keyword optimization. I purchased a couple of eBooks on how to optimize your website, and created a couple pages on my blog. From those pages, I submitted articles, press releases, social media accounts, and more to various article directories. Within Top Chicago SEO Companies , all of my traffic sources had increased dramatically. I still continue to process new leads, but because I have found a great backlinking and keyword optimization method, all of my traffic and lead generation has increased significantly. By utilizing these two strategies, I have been able to generate a noticeable amount of organic search engine traffic, and rank on the first page of Google and other major search engines.