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If you don't plan to drive much, liability only car insurance might be a good choice. The costs are low, and you don't need comprehensive coverage. If you don't drive much, you can rely on liability only coverage. If you don't plan to drive much at all, you might prefer to use public transportation instead. But if you do, it's wise to get comprehensive coverage anyway.To find cheap liability only car insurance, you need to compare quotes from multiple companies. The rate for liability only car insurance varies by state, and you can compare quotes from several different companies for free online. Before you start comparing rates, be sure to have your driver and vehicle information ready. You can then choose the insurer with the lowest rate. If you have any questions or need more information, don't hesitate to call or email an agent.Before choosing a liability only car insurance plan, make sure you understand the cost of deductibles. The monthly premium for liability-only policies can vary from $100 to $2,000, so you need to know how much you can afford to pay. It's not necessary to choose a higher deductible unless you want to drive your vehicle for an extended period. Moreover, some insurers charge higher premiums for higher coverage limits, so check with an agent first.When shopping for cheap liability only car insurance, it's important to compare premiums for both full-coverage and liability-only coverage. By comparing rates from several different companies, you can get the best policy at the lowest cost. If cheap sr22 insurance in sc driving safely, you can get a cheap liability only car insurance policy with minimum coverage limits. Then, make sure that your deductible is high enough to cover the expenses that arise.Liability-only car insurance is often cheaper than full-coverage policies, especially if you have a low mileage car. You can get liability-only car insurance for less than $29 a month, which will cover you for most situations. You can even get quotes online for free by entering your zip code and information. You'll be surprised by the low cost of coverage you'll find. The best part about getting online liability-only auto insurance is that it's quick and easy.Liability-only car insurance is a good option if you don't care too much about your vehicle. You don't want to pay more than you have to. You may even want to choose liability-only coverage over full coverage if your car is older. But if you do not care about the condition of your vehicle, liability-only auto insurance is a great choice. It's affordable and you'll never be sorry you decided to go with it.In addition to liability-only coverage, liability-only car insurance is also a good option if you have an older vehicle. Though liability-only coverage is cheaper than full coverage, it's still not recommended for the same reasons as it leaves you vulnerable. If you drive an older vehicle, you may want to consider the cost of comprehensive and collision insurance. rolls royce wraith insurance cost of insurance are different, and your car may be older than others. You should be aware of these factors before choosing liability-only auto-insurance.Taking out liability-only car insurance can be a smart move if you're not in a financial position to pay full coverage. If you're looking for cheap liability-only auto insurance, you need to consider your financial situation and your family's needs. In the event that you have a damaged vehicle, your insurance provider will pay the repair costs of the car. If the damage is beyond your control, you will be liable for the entire cost.Liability-only car insurance is a good option for older vehicles. Depending on the type of vehicle, liability-only coverage may be the best option for you. It's important to understand what the coverage covers and how it differs from full coverage. car insurance in jefferson city mo comparing quotes from at least three companies before making a decision on your auto insurance. You'll be able to see the differences between the different types of coverage and decide which one is right for you.