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What is an Activist? Often people are surprised when I tell them that I am an Activist because they have never before heard such a word. In this article I will explain what an Activist is and how it differs from other political terms.An Activist is someone who takes action regardless of the outcome that they desire. It could be as simple as walking to work or riding their bicycle to work every day. They are not waiting for something to occur before taking action. They are making an effort to make sure something positive happens. These types of politically motivated individuals will stand up and be counted no matter what the public opinion. If a public opinion is against them then they will not be silent no matter what.So what is an Activist exactly? A person who is politically motivated is someone who works towards changing public policy either for the benefit of a group or for personal gain. how long will the heat dome last may join political organizations in hopes of changing laws that affect their lifestyle. They may volunteer for political campaigns to gain visibility for themselves and help the movement.The type of Activist you choose to be is your choice but you have to realize that there are some people who use their platform to hurt other people. This is not the type of activism that I am talking about because that kind of activity always victimizes itself. If you want to know what is an Activist? Then learn to read between the lines. heat dome map is not someone like me; I am an Engineer. Technically I am an Engineer but because I do not wish to be labeled as such, I have chosen to be more of an Art Historian than anything else. I do not plan on using my engineering skills to change the world for the better. That is what an Activist would do, he or she would use their technology skills to bring about change in the world for the better.What is an Activist? A person who gets out of bed every day to go to run marathons, who gets up every day and goes to work with a smile on their face, who knows they might be doing something that will make others happy one day. This person is not afraid to take a risk. These people are not afraid of being involved in controversy. They will speak their mind and do what they feel is right even if it causes them some form of political controversy. They use their technology skills to bring about change in the world for the better.If you are an Activist why not start by getting involved in something that you have a passion for. Perhaps you have an interest in automobiles or in children's charities. Get involved in whatever you feel strongly about. Remember not to let people make you feel bad about what you are doing. Doing something that you really enjoy and feel passionate about can take your mind off of everything else and help you relax, focus and get ready for the next task at hand.If you are not sure what you would like to be when it comes to Activists then here are some ideas. Being an Attorney is something that many attorneys are also doing when they first become interested in the subject of law. Being an actress is another area where many actresses are trying to break into. Being a Businessman is a way for you to get your name out there and start making a name for yourself in the world so that you can make a difference in this world.