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The French tip has existed for a real lengthy time period but take into account that the ways at applying on the French hint have improved but the design and style has not changed very much. So , if you are slightly interested then you might carry on reading the rest of the document.Applying alone French tip the correct way1 . So what you first will need to accomplish is get and shampoo your hand this means you will in a position to get most of the dirt contained in your toenails out and you may find that it is much easier to color on.2 . Then what you should do is document you finger nails to the correct high to make your entire toenails match and make the fingernails or toenails the right sort of height.3. Now your hands and nails are nice clean start to apply at the bottom coat which has no colour. You apply at the bottom coat to make your nails so possibly. Now let you nails settle for a couple of minutes.5. After apply on the French pink that could match your nail color making it search even as well as the same. Nowadays let you toenails dry for the minute or two.5. Now it is returning to the toe nail tip whitening product which you may need to apply on your own tips of your nails. When you have to tips you may be able to help to make one yourself with the comb but put it on on carefully. Make sure yellowbanana let your nails dry out off about 10 minutes.a few. Lastly it is best to apply at the top coat that creates all your claws shine and dazzle.