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Sacred geometry icons come from the patterns involving nature, spirit, plus various mystical principles. Behind all almost holy geometric symbols is the knowledge that enables us to carry complete control over our lives, having us out regarding chaos, fear in addition to hatred which have an effect on numerous of us all. According to ancient wisdom, all is one! In スピリットメイト フラーレン , generally there is just a "Oneness" or a fantastic wholeness at the particular first step toward all generation and this "Oneness" can be created by the symbols involving sacred geometry.All peoples and most religions are through one and typically the same source (God) and that we are all collectively within this vast mess ocean (the No Point Field) regarding timeless love. The universal and timeless types of sacred geometry happen to be created by artists for hundreds of years to represent their old knowledge derived from thousands of years of magical experience.A perfect example of a new sacred geometry mark is The Tree of Life which often is considered as the most sacred geometry mark. The Tree associated with Life is also one of typically the most familiar of the Sacred Geometry Symbols. The Tree of Life configuration kinds the key to God's original design. The Tree involving Life is often employed in the Kabbalah teachings as the sign of unanimity and love. Perhaps though the composition of The Shrub of Life will be connected to typically the sacred teachings involving the Jewish Kabbalah it can furthermore be observed in various other traditions including the historic Egyptian. The Shrub of Life is described in the Sefer Yetzira or "Book of Creation. very well The book explained the creation as being a process involving typically the ten divine amounts (sefirot) of God the Creator and the twenty-two characters of the Hebrew alphabet. The five sefirot together together with the twenty-two characters constitute the "thirty-two paths of magic formula wisdom. inchesThe particular Flower of Existence is another excellent example of holy geometry. It is a beautiful group of friends containing thirteen spheres that hold numerous mathematical and geometrical laws. The total effect creates nineteen flowers with six petals each. The particular Flower of Life can be discovered in each of the major religions worldwide in addition to can be seen in most of the ancient temples on the planet.Segment physics will at some point be much more fully understood throughout the analyze of geometrics plus higher dimensions. Most of nature in the end has the origin of its expression via sacred (eternal) angles. Every one of the laws regarding the universe are based on typically the quantum interaction of geometric energies regarding various dimensions. Mathematics is an simple language, and angles is a way of expressing of which language. Geometry will be the organization of space within which in turn all objects transpire. Every object is geometrical. Every natural object has angles built into their very structure. Typically スピリットメイト フラーレン that make up the shapes of just about every atom, for illustration must be as three-dimensional patterns. Plus, of course, just about all solid objects are usually made up of these geometrically designed atoms.Amazing functions of art happen to be mysteriously appearing across the world in cropland for example cornfields, etc. Whether or not they are just the effect of ordinary individual artists delete word, plants circles have influenced millions with the beauty and elegance plus possible otherworldly origin. Many UFO sightings, alien sightings, and also other unusual phenomenon are already seen and thought around or around crop circles. Typically the crop circles invariably is an universal art contact form thriving on puzzle and anonymity. Plant circles do at times apparently mimic atoms or the orbits associated with alien solar techniques. If intelligent life from other worlds and even dimensions is visiting the planet many of us live on, after that most likely they are wisely outstanding hidden and unknown until humankind will be ready to evolve from the darkness and even conceitedness it features struggled with intended for centuries. It offers been said by simply Bashar (Channeled by way of Darryl Anka) of which in 2012, an "extraterrestrial quarantine" will end and Earth will from and then be considered "safe" for visitors coming from other worlds to land on.