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Mark’s house was a spacious, modern bachelor pad with all the amenities. The girls had been here before, but today was different.Maddy had received a text that asked both girls to come for a talk. Attached was a video of the girls having sex with Mark’s giant Great Dane, King.Reluctantly the two young women showed up as instructed.“Thanks for coming.” Mark said, looking over the two young women in his living room.“You really didn’t give us much of a choice.” Maddy retorted.Maddy, with her short blonde hair and big boobs straining under the athletic top she was wearing, stood with her hands on her hips, blue eyes looking him over.The girl Mark knew as Paige stood just to her left, a little shorter with dark hair, green eyes and round, firm tits clearly defined in the tight silk top she was wearing. He looked at the short tennis skirt she was wearing and felt his cock twitch, remembering the video image of her perfect little ass.“Please, come in, sit down. Can I get you anything? How about something to drink?” Mark said, smiling.The girls reluctantly moved to the couch and sat.Mark handed the girls each a beer, and settled into the big recliner opposite them.“So, you saw the video of you two and King. I just sent you a few clips, but the whole time you were here was recorded. The system is designed to catch everything in hi-def. Even sound. It was very hot, I have to say. I forgave you for breaking into my house right away.”The two young girls sat silently, holding their beers.“Relax. No one is in trouble. I just want a favor or two from you both.” Mark said, smiling at the girls.“Like what?” Maddy asked.“Relax, OK? Drink your beers. We’re all friends here. Alright, here’s the deal ladies. I like both of you. You’re both beautiful, sexy and obviously are into some fringe stuff. I’d like us to get together and have some fun. Like Maddy and I used to. Paige, I don’t know you yet, but we’re going to be great friends. Maddy, I’d like to pick up where we left off.”The girls stirred nervously.“Look, you two don’t want this video on the internet. None of us do. So your job now is to keep me and King happy. I’m going to get mine, and King is going to get his. Whenever we want. When I call, you come. Sometimes both of you, sometimes I’ll just want one. Sometimes I’m going to want to fuck who’s here, sometimes I’m going to let King do it and watch him fuck you. There may be times I fuck one of you and King fucks the other. You get the picture.”“We have lives, you know.” Maddy said.“I’m sure there are other guys, yadda yadda. I’m out front now ladies. Everyone else is secondary. Lucky for you, I’m a busy guy, I have a lot of projects happening, so it’s not going to be everyday, OK? And It will be a lot of fun. Paige, Maddy will tell you, I’m hung pretty good, I like to lick pussy. I’m not bad looking right?”The two young women smiled weakly.“Ok, your turn. Not much to say but, what's on your mind?”“What can we say? We have to agree.” Paige said finally.“Look, don’t be like that. This is going to be fun for everyone involved. I have a beautiful house with a pool, hot tub, sauna, and a huge shower - I’m willing to share it all with you two.”“We agree.” Maddy said sullenly, drinking.“There’s someone else that wants to see you.” Mark said, rising and opening the back door.Mark's Great Dane trotted in, going straight to the girls, tail wagging. The enormous dog was nearly a yard tall, two hundred pounds of silky brown muscle. King licked the face of both girls as they ran their hands over his soft coat and rubbed his head.Finally he sat, laying his huge head in Paige's lap.Mark was looking at Paige when he spoke.“So, do you want to start today? I haven’t been laid in a few weeks.”“Yeah. I can stay.” Paige said, finishing her beer and flashing her green eyes at Mark.“Ok, that's all for today. Paige, you stay. I want to get to know you better, OK Baby?”Maddy started to speak and Paige raised her hand.“It's OK Maddy, I got us into this.” Paige siad.“Maddy, I’ll see you later. Paige, come into the playroom.” Mark said pleasantly.King followed them into the playroom, tail wagging.“Look how happy he is to see you.” Mark said.“Hi Baby.” Paige said, rubbing the head of the huge Great Dane and running her hand over his soft coat.“There’s something new here. I just built it myself. It’s very comfy.” Mark said.It looked like a weight bench, four dark wood legs and padded leather cushion about two feet wide and four feet long. The legs of the bench had wooden dowels like motorcycle pegs sticking out, with a few hand holds along the top edge. The wood was polished and finished to high gloss.“You lay here, you’re the perfect height for King, on your back or on your stomach. There are places for your hands, so you don’t get pushed off. You can use the pegs to lift your butt if your feet don’t touch the floor, or hook your feet on them so you can push back against him. If you’re on your back you can plant your feet here and lift your pelvis up. Cool huh?”“Nice” Paige said, running her hand over the leather.“Sit.” Mark said, sitting down on the large sectional. “I know this is a weird situation, but I like you a lot, and I think we could have some real fun together.”“I’d like that.” Paige said, sitting next to the redheaded older man. “Maddy told me a lot about you, what you did together. I did think about calling you.”“I wish you would have, you're so beautiful, Baby.” Mark replied, moving in close to the dark-haired girl.The young brunette leaned in to kiss the older man, and his hand slipped under her loose blouse as their lips met.His hand cupped one of Paige’s round, full tits, and he felt her nipple harden.As he rolled the stiff, pink nipple under his finger he felt her hand moving up his thigh to the bulge in his pants.He slipped his tongue into her mouth as her hand began firmly rubbing his hard cock under the denim.The slim redhead broke off the kiss to stand and undo his belt, Paige's hands were there to unbutton his jeans and unzip them.She pulled the worn Wranglers down and the redhead's long, thick cock was bulging in his boxer-briefs, the outline clearly visible. A dark wet spot of precum marked the spot where the head of his dick pressed against the cotton material.Paige pulled the boxers down letting the ginger’s long cock spring free, hard and wet.The young brunette took the head of Mark's cock in her mouth and began stroking the length of the shaft with one hand.Mark stood, his feet shoulder width apart and watched the beautiful young woman suck him.“Get undressed.” he commanded, and Paige began to unbutton her shirt.Mark sat on the large couch to watch, stroking his hard-on as the slim busty brunette peeled away her clothes and stood nude in the room.“Mmm, you’re perfect, you know that? You should be a model. That or a porn star. Come here and take care of my cock some more, Baby.” Mark ordered.Paige complied, crawling between the older man's legs on all fours to take his thick, dripping cock in one hand. She ran her tongue over the sharply defined fat head and down the shaft, licking the length of his dick slowly and seductively before taking the entire cock in her mouth.One of her small hands held his thick cock at the base and the other traced the ab muscles of the older man's stomach.“I could have you do this all day.” The lanky redhead said, as he watched the knob of his cock disappear in the young girl's mouth again.King rushed over, tongue out and wagging his tail, whining a bit. The big dog's nose sniffed Paige's smooth round ass wiggling in the air as she kneeled between Mark's legs.“King wants some too.” Mark observed. “Sit back and spread your legs for him, Baby.”Paige sat back on the sectional, spreading her legs for the big dog. King immediately took a sniff and put his huge head between the girl's thighs. He began licking the young girl's cunt, his huge wet tongue covering her pussy from top to bottom as he lapped away.“Ohhhh fuck...thats so gooood.” Paige wailed as the dog’s long wet tongue continued to work her pussy over.Mark stood on the sectional and leaning against the cushion and lowered his cock into Paige's waiting mouth.The huge dog's tongue lapping her pussy and the fat cock in her mouth quickly brought Paige to the brink of an orgasm.The young girl began convulsing as King's big tongue lapped away at her clit.“Mmmm, mmm. Mmm.” she moaned, her mouth full of Mark's thick cock.“Yes, cum for me Baby...doesn't King do a good job?...feels so good.” Mark whispered as Paige continued to moan and spasm.Mark was fucking her mouth now, the shaft slipping back and forth between her lips, the fat head bumping the back of her throat.“Fuck Baby, here it comes.” Mark exclaimed, pausing his thrusting.She felt the first squirt of the older man's cum on her tongue, silky and salty. His cock began pulsing as he unloaded into her mouth, pumping cum powerfully. Paige relaxed her throat and swallowed, feeding from the long cock stretching her mouth open.“Fuuuuuuck, yes . Oh fuck Baby, oh fuck oh fuck.” Mark stammered ashis thick cock pulsed in the brunette's mouth.Paige had one hand on his cock, milking it into her mouth and the other on the huge dogs head as he confined hungrily licking her pussyShe jerked the last few drops out of his cock onto her tongue.“Oh Baby. That was fucking amazing.” he said, a large hand massaging of one of Paiges round tits.The brunette was still gently stroking the redhead's softening cock, licking the last few drops off the head.King was panting, his huge red cock hanging between his legs.“King’s turn.” Mark said, rising from the couch. “Get on the bench baby.”The young nude girl rose from the couch, pausing as Mark stopped her halfway to kiss her again, and ran his hands over her firm tits, down her flat stomach to her pussy.As he kissed the beautiful young brunette he slipped a long, calloused finger into her wetness.“Lay down on your stomach, ass up a little bit baby.” he commanded.Paige did as she was told.King came over to the young girl's raised butt immediately, sniffing at the air, his cock swinging between his legs.Her round smooth, ass cheeks were parted to reveal her pink pussy, the full lips hanging just a bit.Her feet were on the bench leg pegs, lifting her butt up into the air.Her cunt was glistening with wetness.King straddled the girl laying on the bench and stood over her, his massive head nuzzling her neck. The huge dog easily stood over the bench and the young girl laying on it.His massive cock was hanging between her ass cheeks, hot and wet.She could feel the big dog’s cock pumping out precum on her butt and then Mark's hand guiding the thick red cock into her pussy.King began thrusting as soon as the tapered tip of his thick red cock slipped into her wet cunt.“Oh fuck! Uh, uh, uh, UH, UH Ohhh!” Paige cried out as the huge dog thrust his thick, veiny cock inside her with one motion.As soon as his hard cock was snug inside the girl, King began a frantic fucking of her little pink pussy. His powerful haunches thrusting against the girl.The huge Great Danes cock stretched her pussy open, precum from both her and the animal dripping from her pussy.“Fuck her slow King. Slow boy.” Mark commanded, and the big dog slowed a bit, still ramming his cock in hard, but the pace was slower, twice a second, then a few thrusts close together, then slow again.“Ohh fuuuck...cumming…” Paige wailed.Mark could see her fingers between her legs rubbing her clit as the big dog's massive cock slipped in and out of her.The young girl's back arched and she began to spasm as she orgasmed, jerking over and over .“Fuck her King”. Mark said, and King began his rapid pace again, his powerful legs thrusting his cock into the girl.The huge dog's front legs were in front of her shoulders, holding her in position as he plunged his dick into her sopping pussy over and over.“Let’s get his knot into you.” Mark said, taking the dog's cock in his hand. “Relax Baby. He’s big.”Mark pushed the bulging knot at the base of the dog’s cock against the young girl's cunt. Slowly the fat knot gaped her open and slipped inside her pussy.“Oh God...ungggg..fuck.” Paige cried out.“Just relax Baby. It's all inside you now.” Mark said, sitting back on the couch.He was watching the enormous dog stand over the girl, his huge cock now locked into her.He could see her still playing with her clit, spasms running through her body as King stood over her, panting.“Fuuuuck, he’s cumming so much.” Paige moaned from under the huge dog, her head down, still stroking her clit, her body jerking with little spasms as she continued cumming.The dog's bulging knot had disappeared into Paige's cunt, locking them together. She could feel the giant animal’s cock ejaculating inside her, filling her with warm cum.The huge Great Dane was still holding her in place as he emptied his balls into pussy, all two hundred pounds of him pressing into the young girl as he bred her.The huge animal nuzzled the neck of the young brunette, whining softly.One of her arms was up and around the big dog's head, holding and rubbing his soft coat as his cock continued to twitch inside her.Cum was leaking out from around the big dog's cock and dripping on the floor under the bench.“Good boy. Wow, he loves you so much.” Mark said to King as the big dog continued to hold his cock deep in the beautiful girl. He could see his dog's balls twitching, and King excitedly pushing his cock deeper into her every now and then.Mark noticed his cock was getting a little hard again, so he rose and walked to the end of the bench.Taking the brunette's chin in his hand he lifted her mouth up to his growing cock.The beautiful girl, weak from being fucked by the giant dog, compliantly opened her mouth and he slipped his cock inside. Holding her head he began gently fucking her mouth.His big dog's head was on her shoulder, allowing him to pet his large head as he slowly fucked her mouth.He and King had shared a female before, so there were no hard feelings or growling.After a few moments of stroking into her mouth Mark's cock squirted again, a small orgasm compared to the eruption of earlier. He stood spasming as his cock spurted cum into Paige's lovely mouth for the second time.He couldn’t remember the last time he had come twice in one hour, and he chalked it up to the extremely beautiful young woman he was sharing with King.Mark slipped his cock out of Paige's mouth and bent down to kiss her, tasting his semen in her mouth.King stepped back and the big knot popped out of Paiges pussy, followed by the dog's thick cock. A stream of cum flowed out of the young girl's cunt, still gaping from the big canine's knot.A towel on the floor caught most of the cum as the dog's semen poured out of the girl.“Fuuuuuck…oh my god.” Paige moaned, flexing and pushing another stream of King’s cum from her pussy.The brunette was still laying on the bench, her head now down in the soft leather.Mark ran his hand along the young girls shapely back and down to her round little ass and stood watching his massive dogs cum leak out of her.“Here, sit up baby, squat right over the towel. There you go.” Mark said, watching the last of the big dogs semen flow out of her.He lifted the young girl up, limp in his arms and he ran his hands over her perfect round tits and nuzzled her neck.He gave her pussy a last wipe with a soft towel and led her to the couch.“Let’s chill here Baby, then we’ll go shower, OK.” Mark said softly.Paige nodded, still shaking from the fucking she had just endured.“That was fucking amazing.” She said finally.“Just the beginning, Beautiful. We’re going to have a lot of fun.” Mark said, taking the quivering young girl in his arms.Paige curled up to the sinewy muscled redhead.“Are you going to fuck me next time, Baby? Or let King have me every time?” Paige asked.King’s ears lifted at the sound of his name, and the giant dog abandoned his bed in the corner to walk over to the couple. The big dog placed his head on Paige’s lap, and her small hand lazily rubbed him between the ears as he gazed at her.“I know you like King, and he really loves you, but I may want you for myself.”“Whatever you want, Baby.” Paige purred. “I just can’t believe it.“Believe what Baby?”“Having sex with this huge animal. And it's amazing.”“You wouldn’t believe the women that ask me about him. I have two clients that come once a month, sometimes more.” Mark said.“It’s addictive. It’s so primal, forbidden.” Paige said, her hand resting on the huge dog’s head.“Being taken by an animal? Very taboo, Baby.” Mark said.“But he’s so gorgeous, and sweet. Aren’t you sweetie?” Paige said, taking the dog's huge head in both hands.“Next time we’ll have dinner, and you can spend the night with me upstairs.” Mark replied. “And I’ll take care of you myself. You can compare King and me.”“I’d like that.”“I wish Maddy was as agreeable.” Mark said.“She’ll come around. She wants some of this too.” Paige replied. “Now let’s have that shower.”